After 14 years of filming/recording some of today’s most influential musicians, the music from Andreas Koefoed’s and Jørgen Leth’s celebrated film “Music For Black Pigeons” is now available for the first time (vinyl only).

The soundtrack includes a variation of alternative takes, solo pieces, improvised music and compositions by Jakob Bro, performed by Bill Frisell, Lee Konitz, Craig Taborn, Paul Motian, Andrew Cyrille, Arve Henriksen, Midori Takada and many others.

Order now: http://shop.jakobbro.com

Featured artists:

Joey Baron
Jakob Bro
Anders Christensen
Jon Christensen
Andrew Cyrille
Bill Frisell
Larry Grenadier
Arve Henriksen
Søren Kjærgaard
Lee Konitz
Joe Lovano
Marilyn Mazur
Palle Mikkelborg
Thomas Morgan
Paul Motian
Jorge Rossy
Ben Street
Craig Taborn
Midori Takada
Mark Turner
Jesper Zeuthen

Sound by: Adam Nielsen
Mastered by: David Elberling

Special thank you to the team behind “Music For Black Pigeons”
Directors: Jørgen Leth and Andreas Koefoed
Producer: Emile Hertling Péronard (Ánorâk Film)
Photography: Adam Michael Jandrup
Editor: Adam Nielsen
Sound: Peter Albrechtsen