Joe Lovano and Jakob Bro return to Village Vanguard on February 18—23, 2025 with the full septet from Once Around The Room (ECM Records).

Recorded as tribute to the late great drummer, composer, mentor and friend Paul Motian, Once Around The Room came out to high praise and played at concert halls across Europe in 2023.

★★★★: “The core essence of this heartfelt homage: Lead and follow at the same time, share the space and let the music carry you — a Motian-like mantra if there ever was one.“ – Downbeat (US)

★★★★★: “In dreams – if you dream music rather than pictorial imagery and we often do – the soundtrack which is always an abstraction and mysterious is something ideally like Once Around the Room.” – Marlbank (IR)

★★★★: “Much more than a tribute, Once Around The Room captures Motian’s spirit and walks with it to a performance that has a compelling sense of vibrant celebration as well as solemn recognition of greatness.” – Jazzwise (UK)

“Everything is played with mastery and respect. The repertoire is round and the music brilliant. Also, it contains the best Lovano we’ve heard on a record in recent times, and that’s no small thing.” – El Pais (ES)

Jakob Bro / Joe Lovano “Once Around The Room”
Date: February 18–23, 2025
Venue: Village Vanguard, New York, US

Jakob Bro · Guitar
Joe Lovano · Tenor Saxophone, Tarogato
Larry Grenadier · Double Bass
Thomas Morgan · Double Bass
Anders Christensen · Bass Guitar
Joey Baron · Drums
Jorge Rossy · Drums