We’re going to Brazil with ‘Uma Elmo’ to the great C6 Fest, which takes place in São Paulo in May!! to be followed up with two nights at Bebop Club in Buenes Aires.

Jakob Bro, Arve Henriksen & Jorge Rossy ‘Uma Elmo’
Date: May 17, 2024
Venue: C6 Fest at Auditoria Ibirapuera
(with Charles Lloyd Quartet, Daniel Santiago e Pedro Martins, Jihye Lee Orchestra)

Jakob Bro, Arve Henriksen & Jorge Rossy ‘Uma Elmo’
Date: May 18–19, 2024
Venue: Bebop Club, Buenes Aires

★★★★★ (4,5/5) – Downbeat (US): Jakob Bro’s evolution from sideman to solo artist with vision continues apace on Uma Elmo, the Danish guitarist’s fifth album on ECM Records. For this luminous set, recorded in Lugano, Switzerland, Bro works with a unique and simpatico trio—a bass-less unit with noted Norwegian trumpeter Arve Henriksen and Spanish drummer Jorge Rossy. As might be expected of such a mix of talent and artistry, the sum effect is abundant with airy and liquid grace, as if evoking the title of the opener, “Reconstructing A Dream.”

★★★★★ – BBC Music Magazine (UK): Danish guitarist Jakob Bro’s new recording is quintessential ECM: a small group of intensely talented individuals making rarefied music in the moment, captured by superb production values. […] Apart from having written the raw material, it’s not obvious that Bro’ s the leader. Norwegian Henriksen takes the melodic line throughout the programme while Bro brings the harmonic gravity; drummer Rossy is a constant, time shifting presence. […] All three players were influenced by the late Paul Motian, the drummer with whom Bro honed his luminous technique. Their time is fluid and yet what they play is strongly connected; it’s abstract music that’s also deeply profound.

Debra Richards, Jazzwise: This album, composed by Danish guitarist Jakob Bro, is an antithesis to fidget culture. It resets listening, and exhumes a quiet concentration that’s so often neglected. With Norwegian trumpeter Arve Henriksen and Spaniard Jorge Rossy on drums, it is a trio of notable skill revealed not only by the press note that this recording was their first ever meeting, but how they sink into what this album is; without any need to show it. ‘Uma Elmo’ (the middle names of Bro’s two young children), may read as an ethereal work but is fiercely committed to every single note and space – and what it leaves to the imagination.